79. The Go-Betweens, Bellavista Terrace: Best of The Go-Betweens (Beggars Banquet, 1999)

I know, another Greatest Hits as opposed to a "real" album. And these displaced Aussies made great albums. And the long out-of-print 1978-1990 is more complete, but unless you come across it in a used bin like me, you'll never find it. So buy Talullah (1987) for the exuberant "Right Here" but get this for fourteen equally strong arguments for the most criminally overlooked band of the '80s. It's just literate jangle pop, maybe too literate and complex for the masses. But it flows and sighs with the sort of euphoric, articulate, romantic desire that only Kate Bush can match, and it's more accessible to boot. Go on, check out a "critic's band" and never look back.