72. Dukes of Stratosphear, Chips From The Chocolate Fireball (Geffen, 1988)

This compilation of late '60s psychedelic pastiches from the band more formally known as XTC was meant to be a goof, a throwaway. So, why is it more pleasurable than most of their "proper" albums? It's the songs, stupid. They may rewrite The Move's "Blackberry Way" as "Kaleidoscope" or keep re-molding The Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping" until it turns into "Shiny Cage", but their imitations are so absolutely heartfelt and solid that they sound nothing less than sincere. This also finds Partridge and Moulding at their least fussiest and most fun. "Vanishing Girl" could've easily fit on Skylarking, "Brainiac's Daughter" should've been on Oranges and Lemons, and I wouldn't be surprised if the very Beach Boys-esque closer "Pale and Precious" was better than the bulk of Smile.