35. Original Cast Recording, Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Atlantic, 1999)

Has there ever been a more passionate, inventive, gender-bending creation than Hedwig? John Cameron Mitchell's cabaret act steadily evolved from an off-Broadway phenomenon to an improbable but innovative film musical, and each incarnation was wondrous. Although many know these songs from the slightly beefed-up soundtrack recorded for the film (which somehow messed up the order and added a few ephemeral selections), this earlier cast recording is definitive. A glam rock song cycle brimming with sassy humor ("Sugar Daddy"), sighing toe-tappers ("Wig In A Box") and showstoppers that manage to be both old-fashioned and revelatory ("Midnight Radio"), it rocks more convincingly than any big old Andrew Lloyd Webber debacle. And "Wicked Little Town" is already a jewel-like standard to place right along side "Day By Day" and "All Apologies".