80. Teenage Fanclub, 4766 Seconds: A Shortcut To (Jetset, 2003)

This spot was originally meant for John Coltrane's A Love Supreme, an album any jazz fan should hear. As with most jazz, I feel more admiration than love and while I'm in awe of Trane's spiritual masterpiece, these raggedy, semiobscure Scottish Big Star fans really move me. They were never interested in crafting masterpieces; just great, humworthy pop songs. This long overdue compilation collects 21 of 'em from their first six albums, and the quality never wavers. They're ridiculous enough to repeat the closing two bars of "Hang On" sixteen times and smart enough to ensure that the three new songs included here are among their very best. Next time you hear the warm, crunching opening chords of Sheryl Crow's "If It Makes You Happy", you'll know exactly where she swiped them from.