53.  Jellyfish, Bellybutton (Chrysalis, 1990)

VH-1 Classic now has an "alternative" show--mostly late '80s/early 90s stuff that once graced the airwaves via MTV's 120 Minutes.  Apart from the occasional artful clip like The Cranberries' "Linger" (never knew it was a homage to Godard's Alphaville), so much of it's laughably dated.  They haven't shown a video by this band yet, but vague memories tell me things don't look promising for this admittedly silly-looking, smiley-faced day-glo outfit.  However, don't judge the music too quickly.  Daring to sound like Squeeze and early Cheap Trick when it was the least coolest time to do so, Andy Sturmer made gushingly irresistible, melodic psych-pop.  Encompassing Brill Building songcraft, bubblegum, The Beatles and even a little bossa-nova, these ten tracks are more durable that you'd ever expect.  Anyone looking for a '90s power-pop primer should start right here.